Pawn Loan Cash

Need cash today? Just bring anything of value to Norcross Pawn Shop and Title Loan.

Our pawn shop staff will look at your valuables and give you two choices:

  1. You can sell your items to the pawn shop for a fair price we’ll offer OR…
  2. You can borrow money by leaving your items with us as collateral. You get your items back as soon as your return to pay off your pawn loan plus interest. If you don’t pay us back, we keep your items and sell them to get back the amount we loaned you.

How much we can loan you depends on the value and condition of your items and how easy it will be for the pawn shop to resell them in the event you don’t pay back your loan.

Pawning items has been a way of doing business for thousands of years, the common way of loaning money long before banks existed.