Get Cash with a Car Title LoanThe Advantages of a Title Loan

A car title loan can be your easiest way to quickly borrow cash. There’s no need to undergo any credit checks or wait for a loan application to be approved by an Atlanta bank or loan company.

You keep your car to use and get the cash you need, leaving your car title with us so we know you’ll return to repay your loan, and get your title back when you do.

How much you can borrow depends upon the value and condition of your car, since it is your collateral for the title loan.

Our Title Loan Process

The process to get cash:

  • Bring your car and your car title to our title loan office.
  • Our staff will review the title to make sure it is lien-free (you can’t already owe someone else for your car to obtain a title loan from us.)
  • We’ll review the condition and value of your car to determine how much you can borrow.
  • We’ll make a title loan offer with competitive rates.
  • If you sign to accept the offer, we’ll issue a check in your name, and you keep your car to use.
  • The loan isn’t reported to any credit agencies, since you’ll leave your car title with us as security that you’ll repay your loan.
  • You can make regular payments or pay off the balance all at once if you can.
  • When you repay the loan, we’ll return your car title to you.